Summer & Fall Trips


On The River

Kayaking, Canoeing, Rafting and Tubing - You have a number of options for self-guided day trips on the Connecticut River. We have trips 2hr to 8hr long. Our most popular trip begins five miles upstream at Sumner Falls and is a perfect 3 hr float trip for families looking for outdoor fun and adventure. For a longer float trip, you can do a 3 hr or a 6 -8 hr day float trip and be picked up by our shuttle. And don't worry - we have all the gear you need.  

Please call 802-674-9933 or visit our Summer Schedule and Prices for more information and a complete listing of activities and costs.

The natural beauty along the banks of the connecticut river and undisturbed wildlife will captivate you, and you may even see the once nearly extinct national bird the Bald Eagle, who have nested along the banks. You can paddle through miles of picturesque scenery and breathtakingly scenic views.   Come out and canoe, kayak,  raft or  tube on our pristine section of the river.

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Under the Stars

This is a Self Guided 3hr Kayak adventure, Walk through the Path of Life sculpture garden, Bonfire at the Drift Wood Band and selection of local cheeses, fresh bread, salami, Cold Apple Cider and S’mores! Feel free to bring your own bottle of wine and we'll do the rest! The Path of Life Sculpture Garden tells the story of the great circle of life. Eighteen works of art symbolizes the journey from birth to death and beyond. 5 person min.  

Please call 802-674-9933 or visit our Summer Schedule and Prices for more information and a complete listing of activities and costs. 



Paddle and Deluxe Tent Camping

Have you ever camped overnight in a Deluxe three-room Outfitter Tent?  No – well here’s your chance. Paddle 3 hr down the region’s most scenic historical waterways and camp over night in the Path of Life Garden, in a Deluxe Tent.  Wake up with the sun, in the open air, to the sounds of wildlife and the crackling of an open fire.  We have four Deluxe Tents by the river that can sleep between 24 and 40 people. 

We supply the Deluxe Tents, campfire area, cooking area, cooking equipment, eating utensils, 20 gal water jug, sleeping bags, cots, picnic tables, lantern, firewood, port-o-potty, trash bags  and a place for a bonfire so it makes for a care-free, special evening! 

Wake up in time for a morning yoga class in the garden (see yoga details below).

Please call 802-674-9933 or visit our Summer Schedule and Prices for more information and a complete listing of activities and costs.



Two Days and Two Nights, Paddle and River Camping

For folks seeking more adventure, we offer a combination of float trips and camping on the river.  Itinerary: Watson Park Put-In in Hartford, Vermont to Ferry Boat Take- Out in Claremont, New Hampshire the is a 26 miles trip with Deluxe Tent camping in the path of life garden and primitive island campsites. View River Maps. This is a great two-day and two night trip with easy logistics. Paddlers can catch a morning or afternoon shuttle to Watson Park put-in Hartford Vermont. From here the paddler descends the White River for a quick mile before merging into the Connecticut River. The opportunity to enjoy exploring the headwaters of some of the Connecticut River’s lager tributaries and islands abounds. You can also take to opportunity to make an early camp on Burnaps Island before reaching Sumner Falls in Hartland Vermont.  Many consider Sumner Falls to be the scenic highlight of the camping trip. This large rocky outcropping and rapid which spans the length of the river offers a glimpse of what the middle Connecticut River was like before Hydro dams tamed all but this last section of rapids. You must portage buy using a short trail (1/8 mi or about 200 yards) on the right side of the river look for the large White and Orange portage signs. This provides the opportunity to explore the falls and have lunch.  South of the falls the river continues on with the opportunity to camp in Deluxe Tents in the Path of Life Garden in Windsor Vermont, with Great River Outfitters, or you can camp at Burnam Meadows on the right bank of the Connecticut River at Great River Outfitters Take-out.  While you are here you are within walking distance of all our neighbors, Harpoon Brewery, Sustainable Farmer, Vermont Farmstead Cheese, American Crafted SpiritsBlake Hill Preserves and Simon Pearce.  You will Continue down the river and pass under the Historic Cornish / Windsor covered bridge built in 1866. This is the longest wooden covered bridge in the US, and has been replaced four times. You can make early camp below the railroad bridge on Chase Island or continue down 9 miles to camp on Jarvis Island. On your way to Jarvis Island you will Go under the Ascutney Bridge, Shallow water usually keeps power boats from traveling upstream of the Ascutney bridge.  You will end your trip at Ferry Take-out in Claremont, New Hampshire. We will arrange a pick up time and brought back to Great River Outfitters HQ.

Please call 802-674-9933 or visit our Summer Schedule and Prices for more information and a complete listing of activities and costs. 

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Weddings, Family Reunions and Corporate Outings

If you are looking for a unique location for a Family Reunion or Corporate Retreat, the Path of Life Garden is an amazing place to host a wedding, reunion or company party. The garden has a large amphitheater where tents can be set up for 200+ guests. In addition to being a great place to bring kids, the Path of Life is a unique setting for reflection and rejuvenation. 

Please call 802-674-9933 or visit our Summer Schedule and Prices for more information and a complete listing of activities and costs. 

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Birthday Parties

The birthday parties take place in the Path of Life Garden at our tipis. Kids can kayak, canoe, raft, tube and explore the garden and our network of trails and fields.  Kids love running through the 800 tree hemlock maze and skipping through the stone labyrinth.  Parents and Grandparents find it enjoyable, inspiring and gratifying bring their children back year after year to see what is new and what has stayed the same. 5 person min. 

Please call 802-674-9933 or visit our Summer Schedule and Prices for more information and a complete listing of activities and costs.

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 YOGA in the Garden Path of Life Garden 

Welcome to yoga in The Path of Life Sculpture Garden!  Great River Outfitters has teamed up with Charlotte McIntyre to offer yoga in The Path of Life Garden.  Charlotte's  personal practice of yoga is a source of inspiration and physical well being. She is thrilled at the opportunity to share this beautiful art with us. Charlotte has been fortunate enough to study the traditional roots of yoga in India, which solidified her commitment to the practice. Charlotte is a certified in Traditional Hatha Yoga from the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in India interweaving the Traditional practice with Chakra cleansing and meditiation tecniques to reconnect the body and soul. Come join us, Charlotte is happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Charlotte phone: 802-299-6180, or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Summer Schedule and Prices

Details -  Sunrise Yoga is offered by appointment ONLY on Saturday mornings at 7:00 am- 8:00 am.  Yoga in the garden is offered to the public on Sunday mornings 10:00 am to 12:00 pm pre-registration encouraged. COST: $15    Punch cards are available to individuals who wish to regularily attend classes; five classes equals one free!  *Contact Charlotte with questions regarding evening classes or for large groups of ten or more.


*Yoga is a wonderful addition to a night of camping in the garden or before a river trip.  Cost - For campers and those participating in a river trip the cost is $12.  For campers please call the Path of Life Garden at 802 674 9933.





Fall Foliage Trips

Self-Guide Fall Foliage Float Trips
Kayak, Canoe and Raft. Our most popular day trip is a Self Guided trip that begins five miles upstream at Sumner Falls in Hartland, VT and ends at the path of life garden. This is a perfect 3 hr trip. Cost: $35 /per person Walk-ins are welcome! Fall Schedule and Prices
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Guided Day Hikes on Mt Ascutney
This trip focuses on learning the skills needed to enjoy hiking in the wilderness. You will learn basic survival skills and map/compass reading. Weekends Only, 10am start, Intermediate Level, 5 hour roundtrip Cost: $50/person, transportation provided. Reservations required 5 person min.  
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Guided Kayak Trip on the Connecticut River
Learn paddling techniques, river reading skills and basic kayak safety. We will also be teaching capsize and re-entry drills. Weekdays and Weekends, Beginner level, 3 hour roundtrip
Cost: $50/person, reservations required 5 person min.
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Guided Deluxe Tent Camping in Path of Life Garden
Have you ever camped overnight in a Deluxe three-room Outfitter Tent? No – well here’s your chance. We provide everything you need including our knowledgeable staff. We will teach you outdoor survival, map/compass reading and how to prepare for inclement weather. Friday & Saturday, 4pm – 10am Cost: $50/person, reservations required, 5 person min.
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Guided Overnight Backpacking and Camping Trips on Mt Ascutney
This a guided 2 day/1 night backpacking adventure. It focuses on those skills necessary to enjoy overnight camping backpack and hiking. You will learn basic backpacking, hiking, mountain  camping, survival skills and map/compass reading   . Weekends only, 9am start, Intermediate level, 2 days/1 night Cost: $200/person, reservations required, 5 person min.
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Fat Tire Biking

Experience the beauty of Vermont in winter and see what fat tire biking is all about.  Our fleet are the latest design 2016 KHS 4 season bikes offering greater floatation over snow and sand while retaining comfort, reliability and stability.

Come cruise our groomed trails around the Path of Life Sculpture Garden, through the woods and fields that follow the Connecticut River.  Our trails are for beginner to intermediate challenge levels offering scenic views over a five mile expanse.  Whether you are younger older or anywhere in between you can try fat tire biking. Rentals are available for one to three hours Wednesday thru Sunday.

Just call the shop 802-674-9933 or click on the BOOK NOW button and we will get you set up.