Winter & Spring Trips

Dog Sledding -

Great River Outfitters is teamed up with Braeburn Siberians to offer dog sledding adventures in the Path of Life garden and the surrounding woods and fields. This trip is approximately 30-40 Min of time on the trail through the Garden, woodlands and fields; plus time to meet the dogs, ask questions and take photos. You will ride in the basket and/or on the runners of the sled as you choose. Or it may be possible to drive your own team! Our tours run with 3 sleds. We can take up to 4 adults and 2 small children each time (2 Adults with 1 small child per sled), depending on their weight; it is also possible to take an additional 2 small and/or light children if they can fit easily and comfortably on an adult's lap. There is a strict limit of 375 lbs. of passenger weight per sled. We are scheduled to be in the garden on Fridays and Sundays. Meet the dogs, chat with the mushers and experience the thrill of riding behind a working team of 10 - 12 Siberian Huskies.  It is definitely a good idea to call ahead and make your reservation.  Please call 802-674-9933 or click and view the    Winter Trail Map  or the   Winter Schedule and Prices 


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Custom Tours:  This tour is tailored to your vision! Choose a length, setting and/or occasion. In the past, we have had a romantic marriage proposal, several birthday celebrations, including an womans 80th, birthday party on a gorgeous moonlit run, and some short "out and back" runs for groups of children. Use your imagination! Please contact for more information.     




This tour is aimed at couples or families who want to experience the magic of a night time dog sled adventure. These tours last approximately 45 min and are primarily driven by our guides (you will be offered the opportunity to do a limited amount of driving).

These tours are done by appointment only. Please call 802-674-9933 or visit our Winter Schedule and Prices for more information.   


No snow not a problem

Tours On Wheels-

Braeburn Siberians has been training and conditioning the dogs since September by having them pull Electric ST Sport Dog Carts.  Teams of 10 - 16 dogs pull the ST Sport Dog Cart while it is in neutral with the electric engine off . We do occasionally turn the electric engine on for particularly steep hill. 

We can't offer you the sound of the sled runners hissing through the snow – yet - but we can give you the experience of meeting and riding behind a team of working Siberian Huskies! Even though we're using ST Sport Dog Cart, we run along rivers and through fields and pristine woodland often with a scenic
view. Winter Schedule and Prices

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Sleigh Rides -

On Saturdays we offer guests the opportunity to tour the Path of Life Garden on a 16 person sleigh pulled by two Belgium Draft horses or at the Fitch Farm in Cornish NH, overlooking miles of mountainous scenic views and valleys. For those of you who have not done this before, it is a great family outing. Please call 802-674-9933 or visit our Winter Schedule and Prices for more information.

Custom Tours:   Tailored to your desires and occasion! Please call 802-674-9933 for more information.



No snow not a problem-

We do carriage rides when there is no snow for sleigh rides. Experience the fun of an old fashion carriage ride. Driven by Jim Fitch and Bill Ladd and pulled by two beautiful Belgian draft horses. Rides are done at the same place same time look at winter schedule.  Here are a few pictures of the carriage rides. Winter Schedule and Prices

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Under the Stars -

This is a fully guided or self guided  snowshoe hike through the Path of Life Garden that includes a bonfire at our tipis. We serve fresh bread, local cheeses, salami, hot chocolate, and s’mores. We also provide all the equipment you need - snowshoes, poles, headlamps and basic snowshoe instruction. All you need to bring are some warm clothes, gloves and a hat. Feel free to bring your own bottle of wine or liquor and we'll do the rest! 5 person min.

Please call 802-674-9933 for custom excursion, or visit our Winter Schedule and prices for more information.

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Guided 3 Day or 4 Day Backpacking Winter SURVIVAL Course

The Basic Survival Course: This is a Guided 3 Day or 4 BackPacking Winter Survival with overnight camping course designed to give you the knowledge and skills to survive for a given length of time in a hostile environment away from immediate aid. All survival situations are life threatening but with knowledge it is possible to survive until either help arrives or self rescue can be achieved.

It takes much more than the knowledge and skills to build shelters, get food, make fires, and travel without the aid of standard navigational devices to live successfully through a survival situation. A key ingrediant in any survival situation is the mental attitude of the individual (s) involved. Having survival skills is important; having the will to survive is essential.

What to expect: This is a basic survival course & includes practical teaching, hands on implementation & survival scenarios to consolidate what has been learned and then 'self rescue!' These survival courses give you a fantastic insight into survival techniques and why & when to use them. It has been disigned and is delivered by the inspirational Craig Carmody who has had first hand experience of surviving in a wide range of conditions. These survival courses are about learning and expierencing but they are a basic survival course and so you can expect to start the day with a good wholesome breakfast, lunch dinner and provided supplements of food.

Great River Outfitters prvides all neccessary survival and camping equipment. The actual trails vary depending on the particular age, fitness, experience, interest, and local conditions.

Our focus is noncompetitive, team-based activities frees you to have fun, gain skills, and build self-confidence without worrying about being "good enough" or the pressures that accompany competitive sports!


Please call 802-674-9933 or visit our Winter Schedule and Prices for more information.




Daily Snowshoe Rentals -

Self Guided Snowshoe hikes enjoy over 4 miles of groomed trails 12 - 5pm 

Cost: $15 - 1 hr, $20 – 2 hr, $25 - 3hr, kids 5 and under FREE.

If you have your own gear but would like to use our network of trails and the Path of Life Garden we ask that you pay a $5 fee per person to help us with our trail maintenance costs.

Please call 802-674-9933 or visit our Winter Schedule and Prices for more information.

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Guided Snowshoe hikes- 

Introductory Level -  Learn the basics. Come out for a moonlight snowshoe or an unforgettable 2-3 hour adventure. We will snowshoe in the Path of Life Garden and the surrounding woods and fields. We provide everything you need, this is a find time to learn something new, and enjoy the outdoors with friends and some hot chocolate. 5 person min.

Please call 802-674-9933 or visit our Winter Schedule and Prices for more information.

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Fat Tire Biking

Experience the beauty of Vermont in winter and see what fat tire biking is all about.  Our fleet are the latest design 2016 KHS 4 season bikes offering greater floatation over snow and sand while retaining comfort, reliability and stability.

Come cruise our groomed trails around the Path of Life Sculpture Garden, through the woods and fields that follow the Connecticut River.  Our trails are for beginner to intermediate challenge levels offering scenic views over a five mile expanse.  Whether you are younger older or anywhere in between you can try fat tire biking. Rentals are available for one to three hours Wednesday thru Sunday.

Just call the shop 802-674-9933 or click on the BOOK NOW button and we will get you set up.

BIKE SIZING CHART:                                 

Our Trails & Grooming-

Our Winter activities occur on 100-acres of Groomed trails in farm fields the woods and 14-acres in the path of life garden.  Trails are marked in red.