Once you have booked your Trip or Adventure with us and the dates have been approved, a 50% deposit of the total Trip or Adventure cost will be required to secure your scheduled date(s) on our calendar. Once the deposit has been paid, we will be committed to preparing for your Adventure. All trips are required to be PAID IN FULL three days prior and will be billed to the credit card on file. 



  • 7 days prior: you'll get back your entire deposit minus a $20 administration fee.
  • 3-6 days prior: you will be refunded half the cost of your trip (or a $20 administration fee which ever is greater).
  • Under 3 days, or fail to show up, you will forfeit the entire balance of the trip.
  • If in the case there is an unavoidable circumstance due to accident, illness or death in the family it will be at the sole discretion of Great River Outfitters to offer a credit toward a future trip (additional documentation may be required).
  • All trips or adventures depart snow, rain or shine except if there is a hazardous situation such as but not limited to High Winds, Electrical Storms and/or High Water Levels.
  • As an Outfitter we monitor the weather in our area extremely close for your safety.
  • If Great River Outfitters cancels your trip or adventure due to hazards, unsafe weather or water conditions or any other reasons beyond our control, guests will receive full credit back.


LARGE GROUP CANCELATION POLICY:  (The Cancellation Policy outlined above applies with the following stipulations included)

  • The entire balance of your trip will be charged 7 Days prior to your trip.
  • Large Groups of 20 people or more requires a cancellation 14 Days prior to your scheduled trip for a full refund minus a $50 cancellation fee. 
  • If you cancel within 7 days prior to your trip 50% of your trip cost will be refunded.  Under 7 days no refund is given.



If you make a reservation for our Float Trips and Fat Tire Bikes we offer different length trips based on distance and time for these specifically.  Please adhere to the time and distance of the trip you signed up for.  Should you go over the time allowance, it is at the discretion of GRO to charge you/ your group additional fees per 1/2 hour increment. 

Large Groups and Festivals - Additional transportation fees may apply.


GREAT RIVER OUTFITTERS CANCELLATION POLICY :   Click here to download and print.

ALCOHOL POLICY RIVER TRIPS & CAMPING:  Click here to download and print.

CAMPING IN THE PATH OF LIFE GARDEN POLICY:   Click here to download and print.

GREAT RIVER OUTFITTERS RELEASE OF LIABILITY:   Click here to download and print.

PATH OF LIFE GARDEN EVENT AGREEMENT:   Click here to download and print.

PARKING POLICY: Click here to download and print.


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